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Save the date: 29-31 July

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Stay tuned for the ticket announcements for the new GovHack Connections Events held in each region. Connections Events provide an opportunity for you to explore ideas with data mentors, find team mates and learn more about what to expect at GovHack.  Connections Events will be held 2-3 weeks prior to the Competition weekend.

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If you haven’t already do so, don’t forget to check out our GovHack 2015 – Year in Review for the inside scoop on the awesomeness that was GovHack 2015!

Now in it’s 6th Year, GovHack has grown from a small data mashup event in 2009 to a huge international competition that brings over 1800 people together to innovate, collaborate and apply their creative skills to  open government data.

GovHack celebrates your technical and creative capacity, opens the door to  collaboration with governments, and has helped to advance the cause of open data to drive social and economic value.

Over 1800 of our best and brightest gathered at an epic 30 GovHack Locations in 2015 to  innovate, create, and compete! GovHack International, Australian and Team Prizes were announced at our 2015 Red Carpet Awards in Sydney on 5 September, 2015.

Check out the 2015 Winning Teams & Prizes!


The Story So Far

GovHack has grown from a small event in 2009, to a volunteer run and community driven annual event. In 2016 we aim to be bigger and better with more new data, more competitors and we are pleased to welcome our the New Zealand community into the GovHack Family.

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The Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team organises the GovHack event from a whole-of-AU/NZ perspective, working closely with national government agencies to promote and enhance the support of GovHack’s civic problem solving mission.

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Red Carpet Awards

The GovHack Red Carpet Awards night is an event where we recognise GovHackers who have been judged as prizewinners in the categories which they entered during the GovHack competition of that year. In addition to presenting the awards, we also aim to increase community and institutional awareness of open data and the hackathon community. Sponsors,…

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