The Global Operations Team

The Global Operations Team comprises of volunteers from all around Australia. We’re the team that leads the GovHack strategy, oversees state/regional teams, co-ordinates national sponsorships and runs the Red Carpet Awards.


Richard Tubb

National Director

Richard has been involved in GovHack since it went national in 2013. Richard lives in the (fibre NBN equipped) beachside town of Somerset on Tasmania’s beautiful North West Coast. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the leadership of GovHack. He was the GovHack National Site Coordinator for 2014 & 2015 before taking on this role. He initially brought GovHack to Tasmania in 2013 after an eventful trip to Canberra where he met the amazing Pia Waugh and the incredible GovHack Team!

He has been there to lead and support the amazing volunteers and participants that have grown GovHack from 7 locations to 2013 to an astounding 30 locations in two countries for 2015.

He has been a specialist management and marketing consultant for nearly two decades and has loved driving positive change in some of Australia’s most recognisable corporations, organisations and government. He’s a rebel with a cause.

Richard is married with 3 young children/hackspawn that represent his favourite time sponges.

He hasn’t had a chance to watch a single episode of Game of Thrones. Yet.
He is humbled to be able to lead such an amazing group of passionate people who are truly committed to their community and building better outcomes for people through open data.



Alysha Thomas

Competition Director

Alysha oversees the competitions in each region. Having been involved in GovHack for several years, she also carries a wealth of experience from running the Unleashed SA hackathon events managing  State managers work closely with Alysha to plan and execute their GovHack events.



GovHack logo tile background

Jan Bryson

Sponsorship Director

Jan hails from Western Australia and is the long-time organiser of sponsorships for GovHack. Her pivotal work ensures that, amongst other things, our competitors are able to enjoy food and catering at event locations over the 46-hour hackathon!



Keith Moss

Data Director

Keith manages all things data for GovHack, and in particular, the data experience for our competitors. Keith has been heavily involved in previous national GovHack committees as well as his local Perth event.




Sonali Tharwani

Project Support

Sonali works tireless behind the scenes to ensure GovHack operations are going smoothly (that’s across the Global Ops team, state managers, local teams and event hosts). Her awesome organisational ability is fundamental to our success.



Alan Yeung

Digital Producer

Alan designs and creates online experiences. He developed and produced the GovHack 2016 website and digital strategy, and helps manage all the digital stuff along with Jun. Having competed in GovHacks previously, he decided to jump over to the other side of the fence for 2016.

In his day job he works as a web developer, and generally has projects (mainly product building) going on all the time. Otherwise he is dedicated to youth development and training, and would probably be an educator if he weren’t a developer.


Jun Qiao

Digital Producer

Jun is a successful competitor of past GovHacks who has joined the team as a digital producer. He contributes to the new 2016 Competition Portal, digital information capture and website experience.

In his day job he works as software architect and solutions analyst on multiple projects and startups.

In his spare time, Jun likes to take a road trip with family and “creative” cooking with friends.


Gavin Tapp

GovCMS Veteran

Located in Canberra, Gavin has been involved with GovHack since first participating in 2009. In his day job, Gavin is Program Director at Acquia – a cloud platform provider specialising in Drupal. He has worked in Federal and ACT Government where he has fostered greater use of open source software and open data.

In his spare time – he works on events like GovHack! He also plays with his young kids and tinkers with cameras and guitars. He was lucky enough to get an early delivery of a VR headset – and is excited about how it might be used to provide a new human/computer interface.



Alex Sadleir

Technical Director

Alex implements and manages the technology that enables GovHack to run. He’s been with the GovHack committee since the beginning and has been responsible over the years for Hackerspace, the website, campaigns, social media aggregation and everything in between.



Kevin Keith

Marketing and Communications Director

Kevin is the GovHack Marketing and Communications Director is responsible for the national and state marketing of GovHack and the GovHack Red Carpet Awards, and the management of GovHack communications across multiple channels both online and offline.



James White

Digital Artist
James joined the GovHack Global Operations Team in 2016, to provide design expertise to digital operations, print media and other collateral. James has over 20 years’ design experience encompassing print, web and mobile. He is also a mobile app developer, having built a number of successful health focussed apps via the business he founded and directs, Reach Health Promotion Innovations.
Like most self-employed people, he dreams of having spare time, and of the various hobbies he’d take up if he had any. Mountain climbing, perhaps. Or oil painting. James is originally from New Zealand, but spent a decade travelling the world before settling in Perth, where he lives with his wife and two noisy daughters.



Tim Laris

National Media Liaison

Tim has a deep background in the media/communications industry. He is passionate about digital initiatives and open data, and he assists GovHack this year in a media liaison capacity.



Jensen Mang

Community Engagement Director

Jensen has a background in hackathon events and joins in 2016 to assist with GovHack’s community engagement.