Do you own a dataset?

We encourage our sponsors, both National and State level, to feature their datasets on our competition portal, made available to our GovHack competitors at the beginning of the event.
GovHack will not be hosting your datasets, we will only be linking to the official listing of the dataset on, or your state open data portal (e.g.,, et cetera).

After we (the operations team) review your dataset submission, we’ll make it available on our Competition Portal. We cannot guarantee that your dataset will be used as it is completely up to competitors to choose their datasets! However, our Competition Portal makes your dataset highly discoverable and this visibility means that it’s sure to be considered by our participants.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of data can I submit?

GovHack is a hackathon for open data, traditionally civic data that originates from Government sources. However any open data is welcome, including data from corporations or from research, if it can be considered as open data (e.g. you’ve licensed it under Creative Commons)

Can I impose copyright, licensing or other restrictions on my dataset?

You certainly may, but we won’t accept your dataset as a submission for GovHack. Our vision is to offer open datasets to our competitor teams.

Can I licence or otherwise restrict my submitted dataset to be available only for the duration of GovHack?

Generally, no. This could present issues for our competitors where they would not be able to showcase their work outside of the competition, which is against the spirit of GovHack.