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Hello GovHackers from the ACT!

For competitors:

For those of you who are returning to participate once again – welcome back!

Our location finder will show you the ACT locations for 2016. Additionally this year, we’ve introduced the ‘Competition Portal‘, a dedicated space where we roll up datasets and event locations in one handy place.

Registrations open soon!

Sponsoring GovHack ACT

In addition to national sponsorship, we also provide local organisations the opportunity to directly sponsor the ACT. Money raised through sponsorship goes to directly support our competitors. GovHack is a community event, organised and run by volunteers. Your sponsorship will go the distance!

Becoming a “state” (territory!) sponsor gives you local visibility at the GovHack ACT awards night. There are even more benefits! Please read our sponsorship prospectus.

 Become a mentor for GovHack ACT

Are you an authority on datasets, or a subject matter expert?

Competitors will need guidance on data sets and experts to bounce their ideas off. Over the competition weekend, you too can contribute to GovHack by supporting the achievements of our participating teams! Find out more here, and please consider registering as a mentor.

Need to chat with someone?

Please get in touch with the GovHack ACT manager:

Tile image: Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) by Robert Kerton, CSIRO used under CC BY 2.0